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A cuppa and a chat...Lovely ladies share their experiences in the hope that it will inspire and offer you a host of ideas and support.

Whether you are worried about facing your friends and family with hair loss, or finding the practicality of wigs and head scarves overwhelming, or if you are wanting to let out anger or share a good giggle with a funny story you will find the stories in this section will strike a chord. Here in this section you can share in the wisdom, experiences, knowledge and individual ways of coping from others just like you. Pop the kettle on and spend some time gathering your thoughts with us. Start by looking at our video clips MORE >

Meet Marian


Now my long hair is back I feel more like me.

It took some time to grow back to this length and I’ve had a range of styles in-between. The funny thing is that I dyed my hair pink by accident! Then I met Jasmin who founded this charity and she got my blonde back for me. I have been a volunteer for Cancer Hair Care for the last few years and was thrilled to be involved with filming stories and step by step clips for this website. Me and the girls are really excited about these films and hope they help you. MORE >

My daughter


I decided from the beginning to be honest with my kids.

I borrowed these specialist dollies from Cancer Hair Care. They turn inside out – one end the dolly has hair and the other she is hair free, even her eyebrows are gone. By making head scarves out of little pieces of fabric it helped my daughter to understand.I have made a short video about some of my thoughts during hair loss and hope you find it helpful. MORE >

So tune into our Talking Heads TV videos to hear the individual and unique experiences. Pop the kettle on and join us. Here our Founder Jasmin tells you what is on offer to support you.





  • Emma Why I support the charity

  • Pink scarf & fake fringe by Sara

  • Sara I Did it my Way

  • Emma I did it my way

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Talking Heads TV goes live on July 13th

Over 200 of you joined in our questionnaire. You have told us that you need support at home.  So we hope that these beautiful Step by Step videos made by ladies who have themselves lost their hair will offer you support and style options. ... MORE >

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