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Understanding scalp cooling, cold caps and chemotherapy

Scalp cooling or a cold cap is one of those things that until you are faced with the possibility of losing your hair you probably won’t have heard much about. It’s a method of cooling the scalp which can be used with some forms of chemotherapy (not with other treatments) to try and help reduce hair loss.

Along with her team our charity Founder, Jasmin Julia Gupta - UK's leading cancer hair loss expert has supported thousands of women during their scalp cooling experience. She says "There is quite a lot of hearsay or information passed on by personal experience about this subject. As with most things, some information is correct but some is inaccurate. You may hear comments such as…”I had the same chemo drug as you and wasn’t able to have the cold cap - so it’s not worth you asking…only women can wear themyou have to cut your hair into a bob length…the machine ones are much better… and so on. It can be so over whelming, but help is at hand. We are here to support you". 

There are clear facts available about how a cold cap works and who it is best suited for.  It really is worth investigating so that you can consider your options clearly. In 2013 Cancer Hair Care worked together with patients and health care professionals at The Lister Hospital in Hertfordshire to pilot an advice booklet about this subject. This booklet is now in it's 7th addition and has been read by and supported thousands of women.

"Thank you so much for the booklet you sent me, I have read everything I could find on the web about scalp cooling but I found yours the most valuable. I found the trouble shooting bit really helpful. Thanks also to Sara and Jasmin for taking the time to talk with me on the phone. You were right, there is nothing like talking through your worries with people who can give you bespoke advice. Thanks so much also for the booklets you sent, I loved the little tea bag and the personal kind touches. It made a big difference to me when I was feeling so alone." L. Gould- Leeds 2015

Our FREE 45 page Scalp Cooling Guide 

Plesae go to our MAIN SCALP COOLING section to read our online guide

**This guide is not designed to replace the information provided by your medical team or indeed the particular manufacture of the scalp cooling machine/treatment you are using. We hope that our guide will enhance the information already provided to you. 

Do please give us your feedback and tips.





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