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Beautifully bare – hair free scalp care

Whether you are wearing a wig, head covering or beautifully bare it is important to take good care of your scalp. This will help improve both the way your scalp looks and feels and can help to promote a healthy situation to encourage new hair growth.

If you are missing your routine of washing and styling your hair why not take on a different ritual to cleanse and treat your scalp instead.

So in this section we will offer lots of ideas of taking care of your scalp.

The advice in general is for everyone and any form of treatment with the exception of radiology to the scalp.

Getting used to a bare scalp

Everyone’s head shape and skin is different, so too is how you may feel about hair loss and the look of your head without hair. It is true to say that for most women the thought of a bare scalp fills them with fear. But now you are hair free you may find that your feelings have changed and you are beginning to get used to being hair free.

It can be tough to face up to, but with a combination of tips on how to take care of your scalp, ideas for covering up and sharing how you feel about it all, you will find that these natural worries can be dealt with and that you won’t need to give up on looking good.

One thing we would recommend is to be open to suggestions and ideas. For example you may have decided that a wig is for you but are now thinking that perhaps there is something else better suited. By working through the various subjects on this web site you will soon see that there is a lot on offer.

Very few women like being hair free but before you know it you WILL be coping. So let us help you look good and feel better knowing support is here for you. The best place to start is by getting to know your scalp.

Dealing with how you feel

We all deal with emotions differently and one important thing to remember is that it is not vanity, dealing with hair loss, it is for your sanity and self-esteem and that is a quite natural feeling.

Everyone cares about how they look (even those people who pretend they don’t! ). It's not just negative emotions either, some people talk about how much courage they felt or proud of adapting to a new look.

It is entirely natural and normal to have strong emotions and feelings about hair loss. Many people say that however well prepared they are for hair loss, when it is actually happening it can be very upsetting.  We will help you cope and look good throughout this time - when you have some ideas and suggestions it can help you to actively take control.

However you are feeling there will be something that you can do to help bring the feelings out and let them pass.

It is important to deal with how you feel. Most cancer specialists agree that a positive outlook and the ability to cope with the rollercoaster of emotions can help to support your immune system. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to embrace hair loss with a big smile, but that by coping with your emotions about hair loss will help and support you.

We have developed an entire section dedicated to your your FEELINGS AND STORIES. Here you can share in the wisdom, experiences, knowledge and individual ways of coping of others just like you. When it comes to dealing with hair loss, talking about and sharing your problems can shed a whole new light on the situation, and really can offer you some great support.

Daily scalp care tips - bare scalp

Take good care of your scalp with these daily tips

• Wash your scalp regularly. Unless you have a specific scalp problem you are best advised to wash your scalp in the morning and at night. Use a natural or organic shampoo or face wash

• Unless you have any scalp problems do massage your scalp, try five massage rounds to keep the scalp healthy

• Keep some fresh wipes in your bag for freshening up your scalp when out all day

• Use a light natural or organic oil to seal in moisture. Organic virgin olive oil is a great kitchen cupboard option (this oil is so pure it is often recommended for baby’s skin as it is so mild yet traps a light moisture layer). You can also use almond oil

• Wash any head covering (wigs and head coverings) regularly. A good tip is to use a warm (but not hot) damp flannel to wipe out the interior of any head coverings after wearing and allow to dry. This will keep your head wear clean and fresh for your scalp

• Keep out of the sun by covering up. If you are bare then wear a minimum of a factor SPF30. A good idea is to use sun lotions designed for the face as these tend to be less greasy and thus more comfortable on the scalp



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