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Firstly we are here to support you . Let us help you make a plan to look good.

You are not alone if one of the first things you thought about was hair loss when being told that you have to start treatment for cancer. We understand how important it is to have a time scale for hair loss and look at options available to keep your individual style. Let’s start by understanding hair loss and chemo. MORE >

Scalp Cooling?


Hair loss prevention may be an option available to you in the form of a scalp cooling treatment. Let us guide you.

Scalp cooling is one of those words that until you are faced with the possibility of losing your hair you probably won’t have heard much about. It’s a method of cooling the scalp which can be used with some forms of chemotherapy to help reduce hair loss. MORE >

Meet Jane


When I lost my hair I wore a mixture of headscarves and a wig. I also had a clever fake fringe that fixed into my scarf.

It’s all about finding what’s right for you. Cancer Hair Care showed gave me new ideas such as wearing this fake blonde fringe by attaching it a headscarf. I’m so delighted to be one of Cancer Hair Care’s Ambassador’s so that I can share my tips and experiences with you. My tip for now is to look for ideas in our covering up section.MORE >

Step by Step shown by Sara. Pink square fabric with fringe & hat accessory.

Take a look at how fab a fake fringe can be.





  • A CUPA & a CHAT

  • Putting on a wig by Emma

  • Eyebrows & lashes by Sara

  • How to put on short wig by Jane

  • Black head scarf by Emma

  • Sara blue scarf step

Latest News

Cat Deeley is a caring celebrity who is supporting us

  “The work Cancer Hair Care is doing, together with Pantene Pro-V’s support, is absolutely invaluable”. Often one of the first things women think about when they’ve been diagnosed with cancer is losing their ... MORE >

A beautiful relationship of support has started

“We are thrilled to announce this new venture with Pantene Pro-V. Having founded the charity in 2005, it’s a huge asset to us as a small, growing charity to work with a brand with such huge awareness. Cancer Hair Care will be seen across ... MORE >

Our brand new website is live

This July we are delighted to present you with our fab new website. Thank you to all of the lovely ambassadors and supporters who have helped to make this happen.  Pictured here is Cancer ... MORE >

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