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Perming, straightening and relaxing new hair growth

Perming hair is a way to permanently create waves and curls in the hair.  The opposite is to permanently straighten or relax curly hair so it appears sleek and straight. Both techniques require the hair’s natural structure to be broken down and reformed with chemicals. Both techniques can create fantastic texture changes and a good perm or straightening technique can open up a whole new world of styles.

Your new hair and scalp must be in good enough condition to perm or straighten. Both of these techniques require at least a couple of inches of hair in length. You would normally need at least 3-4 inches for a perm (using tiny rollers) and at least 2 inches for a straightener.

Perms and chemical straighteners are quite harsh chemical products and whilst they may contain conditioning agents, there is not the opportunity to go for more natural options (as there is with hair colorants). You really need to consider the quality of your hair before having either technique.

As a basic guide we would advise you to wait for at least 3 - 4 inches of strong, healthy hair growth before attempting perms or straightening. This will allow your hair time to really grow at a steady rate. You should always have a sensitivity test prior to salon or home chemical treatments.

Remember if you are worried about the condition of your hair, or just feel that you want peace of mind, have a chat with a professional hairdresser. All good salons will offer a consultation free of charge and you can then discuss options for perms or straighteners and get a professional opinion.



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