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We call that first layer of new hair growth “The Fuzzy Peach". Why not get in touch and tell us what you call yours?

What a relief it is when those first few hairs start to come through. Be it fuzzy fluff or curly locks, it is your new hair and a time to plan your new style. Waiting for those first new hairs to sprout can be an anxious time. We will share with you experiences and tips from others so that you can feel confident and enjoy your new style. This is Marian pictured here with her long hair back. Marian says “it took a while but remember that you can have your long hair again” MORE >

Short & Curly


Managing curls is a case of knowing what products to use

"I’m lucky as my hair was curly before hair loss and grew back curly afterwards. But if curls are new to you we have lots of tips on how to style and manage your curly hair. The first tip from me is get a diffuser attachment for your hair dryer and invest in some leave-in conditioner. I'm so glad to be one of the advisers to Cancer Hair Care because their hairdressers helped me so much and now I can share these tips with you MORE >

Short Styles


I’ve tried a few different styles and like my short hair now

"My wigs were mostly long and having 20 wigs meant that I had fun with new styles. After my treatment I went travelling and so it was the perfect time for my new hair to grow and I felt confident without my wig. Deciding when to ditch you wig is a personal thing so take your time" Natalie pictured above with her fresh short cut on her new hair. Ladies chat about their feelings  MORE >

Emma’s wig was a natural brown tone but when her new hair grew back she decided to colour her hair bright red. Watch now as Emma shares some of her thoughts with you.




  • Marian I did it my way

  • Jaya I did it my way

  • Jane I did it my way

  • Emma Why I support the charity

  • Pink scarf & fake fringe by Sara

  • Sara I Did it my Way

Latest News

Grazia write an inspiring article of support for Cancer Hair Care.

 “You may or may not be aware that a whopping 100,000 ladies suffer from cancer-induced hair loss and regrowth every year in the UK.  With this is mind, it is perhaps surprising that Cancer Hair Care is the very first UK charity dedicated soley ... MORE >

Cat Deeley is a caring celebrity who is supporting us

  “The work Cancer Hair Care is doing, together with Pantene Pro-V’s support, is absolutely invaluable”. Often one of the first things women think about when they’ve been diagnosed with cancer is losing their ... MORE >

A beautiful relationship of support has started

“We are thrilled to announce this new venture with Pantene Pro-V. Having founded the charity in 2005, it’s a huge asset to us as a small, growing charity to work with a brand with such huge awareness. Cancer Hair Care will be seen across ... MORE >

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