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When you have just been diagnosed with cancer you may have a massive amount to think about, hair loss is a big consideration for many people. Trust us when we tell you that you are not alone if the thought of losing your hair is one of the things you are dreading the most. That is why we are here to help you through all the questions you may have and give you lots of ideas for looking good.

We understand that you may be anxious about hair loss so let’s start by making sure you are clear about side effects and have a good understanding of hair loss lingo. Why not pop the kettle on, find somewhere cosy and take your time to look through our website. If you're looking for some confidence tune into our Talking Heads TV.

Chemotherapy - If you have just been diagnosed with cancer and do not yet know what type of chemotherapy treatment you may be having then it’s really important to find out if your particular brand of chemo causes hair loss. This is because not all treatments cause hair loss, some chemo cause hair thinning, hair loss or brittle side effects or no effect to hair at all.

Radiotherapy - We also want to tell you that radiotherapy sometimes causes hair loss in and around the area of your body that is being treated.  In other words if you are being treated for breast cancer then the only area of hair loss that may be effected is your under arm hair. But if you are being treated on the head and neck area, where hair loss may occur, then you may be concerned about hair loss. So you see it’s really important that when you are first diagnosed you are clear about the side effects of your particular treatment.

Hair loss does not happen to everyone and if it does, there is plenty that can be done to help you cope. Right now it is important to clarify whether or not hair loss is likely to happen to you so that if you need it we can help you find ways to prepare, look good throughout hair loss and take care of new hair when it grows back.

If you have just been diagnosed and already know that hair loss will affect you then why not start in our section understanding hair loss and chemo.

If you don't yet know what type of treatment you are having or feel uncertain about how hair loss may occur then take a look in our section commonly asked questions and answers pre treatment.

Most importantly know that we are here to support you.



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