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Will I lose my eyebrows and lashes and will they grow back?

The most common treatment to cause hair loss is chemotherapy - however not all chemotherapy treatments have this side effect. It is best advised to check with your doctor. If they do fall out most of the time the brows and lashes grow back once treatment is complete. In general if you have been told that you will lose your hair it is most likely that your brows and lashes will also be affected. This may be that they thin or fall out completely.

If affected the new lashes and brows normally grow back after treatment is complete. Some people find that their new lashes and brows are thinner, thicker and may even be a different colour then before hair loss. Or they can be just the same. One common finding is that they are thinner than before. We will help you to shape and define your brows with style so you won’t lose this feature.

If you have already been advised that hair loss will happen to you then it is highly likely that you will experience this on your brows and lashes but remember that we will plan for them to grow back as this is the most common experience.

If you don’t yet know if your chemotherapy treatment causes hair loss then it may be helpful to talk to your doctor and find out for certain.

Preparing for and dealing with losing lashes and brows - Chemotherapy

You may find that you are not someone who has normally given their lashes and brows much thought or perhaps you shape and extend on a daily basis. When faced with thinning and loss of facial features it can be upsetting and frustrating. So looking at ways to re-establish brows and lashes can be a real help. Remember they normally grow back once treatment is complete. Firstly let’s just answer some of the most commonly asked questions around this topic:

Is there anything I can do to prevent hair loss on brows and lashes – what about the Scalp Cooling or cold cap?

At the time of writing there is unfortunately nothing to be offered to avoid lashes and brow loss. Even the Cold cap treatment, which may work for scalp hair, doesn’t normally work on lashes and brows. So it really is better to get some ideas on how to adjust your look for a while. Shape, define and fake it with style - we will offer you lots of ideas on looking good.

Should I shave or cut my eyebrows off prior to them falling out?

No, it’s not recommended. Unlike preparing for hair loss on your head, when cutting hair short in preparation is recommended, in this case the brows are better left to fall naturally. Also sometimes not all of the hair falls, so you may have thin brows and lashes left to enhance.

When will my lashes and brows fall out?

Normally at the same time that your body and head hair falls, sometimes this can be over a gradual period of time, say a few weeks. This is an individual thing and is normally dependent on your particular dosage and brand of treatment. Because the brow and lashes are made up of lots of individual hairs you may find that a few start to fall but you will have some remaining throughout treatment or just a period of time.

Should I encourage them to fall out by gently tugging them?

It’s not recommended that you tug or pull. But you can gently use a flannel or makeup wipe to ease away the hairs that have fallen or are falling. Alternatively you may wish to wash your face with a mild facial wash to help flush loose hairs away.

Does it hurt when they fall out?

Not necessarily but some people do say they feel a sensation or tingle that can be a bit painful much like prickly heat. If you do feel this, whilst it isn’t pleasant, it is normal and should go away a few days after the hair has fallen. As always if you are concerned talk to your doctor.

You can use mild tea tree lotions or gentle moisturiser to help calm any sore skin. Be very careful around the sensitive eye area.

When they start to fall out what should I do?

It isn’t pleasant when hair starts to fall out so it is a good idea to have some make up wipes handy so that you can wipe any hairs away.  Perhaps be organised in advance so that you have already learnt how to pencil on brows and create eye features. Take a look at our section; Shape, define and fake it with style for ideas on ways to re-style your facial features.

It is natural to be upset by hair loss and sometimes losing hair on the head as well as face can feel like the final straw. You may find it helpful to read stories from others who have coped. In the section YOUR FEELINGS AND STORIES you will find help with feelings.

How long will it take for my brows and lashes to grow back?

Generally speaking, once you have finished treatment your brows and lashes will gradually begin to grow back. It is common that the hair on your scalp will be the quickest growing but that natural growth rate of lashes and brows are slower in general anyway. When slow growing, it may take 6 – 8 months for you to establish how your lashes and brows are going to grow back.

The new hair growth may be thicker, thinner or a different colour then before, or it may be just the same – this is an individual thing.

If affected long term by thin brows and lashes you may like to look at permanent makeup options (with the approval of your doctor).

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