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Our brand new website is live

This July we are delighted to present you with our fab new website. Thank you to all of the lovely ambassadors and supporters who have helped to make this happen. 

Pictured here is Cancer Hair Care Founder Jasmin and volunteer/ambassador Sara are just two of the people who have made this wonderful support website spring into action.

“We know hair loss happens at home, so we provide women with our unique online support service that they can tap into in the comfort of their own homes. Within all of our work we have worked really hard to evoke a sense of togetherness. We feel that this means that no woman has to face up to hair loss alone. - together we can make hair loss one less worry.”– Jasmin Julia Gupta Founder, Cancer Hair Care.
Over the next couple of months we are putting together lots more helpful information. So if there is something we can help you with or you have any feedback about our new website please get in touch with the team.


We would like to thank the following people and organisations for their kind support with this new website:

All of the ladies who have offered their experiences and ideas to us to bring you this information

Pantene Pro V

The wonderful team at Ketchum

The fab team at ITG group

Our ambassadors

Our volunteers

With special thanks for your true support to:

Vicki, Jo, Marc, Marian, Natalie, Sara, Emma, Jane, Jaya, The two Linda’s! Becky, Sam, Marg, Mum and Dad, Wendy and Michelle and all of you that I have forgotten!
Together we are making hair loss one less worry

You are a big part of that so thank you

Jasmin x

Founder Cancer Hair Care


Cancer Hair Care is proudly run by the charity Caring Hair. Registered number 1145258 England and Wales
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